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Life-Changing Worship

Heartfelt worship ushers in the presence of God. The Lord desires to immerse us in Him so He can heal, restore, and complete us, no matter what we are going through. Just those few minutes in the grace of His presence strengthens us to carry on for the week. Join us in our weekly worship services and Nights of Worship as we magnify the Lord together and experience His amazing peace and the power of His Spirit touching hearts.

Worship at Jubilee is led by Robert Wright. He has been in ministry for over 15 years and has led worship for small groups and in large church settings. Robert is a graduate of Christ for the Nations School of Worship and Technical Arts where he honed leadership skills, song writing techniques, and the calling of leading people into the presence of God.

Robert’s goal is to bring the people of God into a place where undignified, transparent, and uninhibited praise is common. At Jubilee we want the church to have an encounter with the Almighty, that changes us day after day. Robert leads with passion and a genuine excitement. We believe that God has placed a song in each of us that needs to be heard. We strive to create an environment where you feel at home as you sing out prayers from your life experiences; for as we sing, God works in us, through us, and among us.

Robert writes a blog, Sojourn With Him, where he takes simple quotes and scriptures and expounds on how to apply them to our daily life. Robert’s desire is to empower the church to live a life that worships God in all we do.

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